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Welcome to Atomic Custom Baits

Atomic Custom Baits is a small business but what we lack in size and quantity we make up for in quality. We do our best to make baits with "Japanese" attention to detail at American prices.

We go out of our way to create baits that are unique and uncommon.We go out of our way to create baits that are unique and uncommon. When it comes to our baits, we like to do things that bigger companies seem to overlook. For example we never use rubber collars that deteriate and fall apart. Instead we like to hand-tie all of our baits with wire that's tougher and seems to last longer.

Many companies try to save money by using cheap quality hooks. At Atomic Custom Baits we refuse to do that. We use only the best hooks available like Owner and Diachi.

All of our baits are tested in California lakes that are small, deep, clear and heavily-fished. So in other words, if they catch fish here, they will catch fish just about anywhere.

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Clear Shad buzzbait

In my opinion there are several baits we make that I feel extremely confident in such as the Clear Shad buzzbait, whenever there is a top water bite. I like to throw this bait and nothing but good things seem to happen. I've caught plenty of largemouth on it, but I've also caught smallmouth and stripers as well.

I do a lot of worm fishing and I feel that the best worm is the 3" and 4" Autumn Rose. It is very unique – not because I named it after my daughter but because it has two shades of green pearl and two shades of brown pearl all in one worm. I've personally caught fish up to 10lbs on it!

That brings me to the Pot-bellied Shad. This bait is extremely versatile you can throw this bait in inches of water and you won't hang up. It has a slow fall and just the slightest twitch will bring it back to life, it looks and acts just like a dying shad.

New and Upcoming Baits:

There are many new baits but here are a few that will be coming fairly soon. We will have two new colors of 3-in dropshot worms – Bluegill and Baby Bass. I will also be making some spinnerbaits that I designed for the California Delta – Pearl White Shad, Ruby Red Shad and Turqoise Shad. What makes these spinnerbaits different is the blades, they will be painted on both sides instead of just one. Also I am currently working on a bigger size of Pot-bellied Shad. It will be 3 3/4-in long, just slightly larger than the original.

So please check back with us periodically for new featured baits, or join our mailing list and we'll keep you posted by email.

Thank you,
Darren Graham, Atomic Custom Baits

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