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Please post your experiences with our products including a photo of fish you have caught on one of our baits. We will gladly post it here on the website. Be sure to include details of where you were fishing, what you caught, and the lure you caught it with and we'll send you a free gift! Photos are displayed at 500 pixels wide, so please make sure your photo is at least that wide.

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Early April 2014 Lake Lopez

Took the family and friends out to Lake Lopez for a few days. The 3" Autumn Rose stole the show the entire time we were there. We caught fish at all hours of the day. Two of the kids that were with us both managed to catch fish up to 6 pounds on them. On Saturday they had a Club tournament going on. I decided to start following them around and catch fish behind them. The Autumn Rose put on a clinic for the tournament guys. Had one of them asked I would have shared some of them and probably would have won the tournament for them as I only saw one boat catch something but it was a small fish that had to go back in. We also caught some on the Baby Bass, and the 4" curl Tail Night Crawler. Thanks Darren for a Memorable family vacation!
Carl Pearson

Pre-fishing Bullards Bar, CA 2/23/14

I went to Bullards Bar to practice for a club tourney with Andrew Martin, using the pot belly shad purple ghost, 1/2oz mead magic clear skirt tandem diamond cut blades and a 3/4 oz green pumpkin jig produced fish of this quality. Our best 4 went 26 lbs 10 oz. Darren thanks again for making quality baits that gives lifetime memories.. Andrew caught 7 lbs 10oz, 6 lbs 4oz and I had a 6 lbs 11 oz , 6 lbs 1 oz spotted bass.
Dante Ray

Buena Vista Lake, CA 5/3/13

Caught my first large mouth bass ever on a 4" curl tail night crawler worm. Im not much of a fisher woman, but using these baits makes the fishing experience easy.... The fish seem to love em!
Jonetta Pearson

New Nevada State Record 4/19/13

I caught the nevada state record spotted bass on April 19th 2013 at Sparks Marina located in Sparks, Nevada which weighed 4.60oz breaking our previous record of 4.2oz. I was using an Atomic Custom Baits 6" 1/4  Purple Smoke Pearl Quiver tail worm, very unique bait. These spots where staging in twelve to twenty feet of water adjacent to spawning areas. I used the quiver tail on a 3/16th Zappu head wacky style. I caught twenty five smallmouth between three and four pounds. This is truly a tough fishery due to limited cover that's not available. Ndow has done a remarkable job introducing spots to our state and allowing anglers like myself to catch quality bass.

Dante Ray

Lake Success, Ca 4/7/13

I caught these and several others split shotting with the Casitas craw worm tossing into isolated brush piles.
Jason Kimura

4/2/2013 Lake Success, Ca

We Caught this fish and about 40 others of the same quality either on Drop Shot or split shotting. The 4" Night Crawler curl tail was hot in the morning, and the 3" Autumn Rose was good in the afternoon after a front moved through the area. We also caught fish on the Bullfrog, and Copper Green Craw curl tail worm colors.
Carl Pearson

Pot Bellied Shad Catfish!

Using a Flylined Pot Bellied Shad looking for spots at Lake Nacimiento, My 6 year old son hooks into this 4 lb catfish on his ultra light pole. He thought he had the fish of the century! I know this is not the norm for these testimonial but it shows that every fish out there is going to devoure these Shad!
Cammeryn Pearson

Lake Nacimiento,Ca 3/16/2013

I landed this 3 lb. spotted bass using the 3 inch Bluegill drop shot worm. I hooked into something VERY LARGE a few short minutes and fought it 4 or 5 minutes with the light tackle before the hook pulled out. Would have loved to have seen what it was!
Danny Akins

Undisclosed Fishery in Nor Cal 3/16/13

My friend Daneil Luea took me to a undisclosed fishery in nor cal. The day started slow but turned out to be red hot by the after noon. Anytime I have too dropshot,  4 inch autumn rose is always first, I'm just glad I had a few left from my last time out. We boated 15lbs of spots and caught well over 60 fish together. No other lures where invovled in this bag limit...Darren you did it again, special thanks to Atomic Custom Baits, I now have another experience to add to the many you and your family have helped me have... Atomic Baits is the Real Deal!!!!!!

Dante Ray

Prefishing Lake Roosevelt, AZ 2/16/13

Prefishing Lake Roosevelt, AZ for the FLW tourney. I caught this 6.5 lb largemouth on our 4 inch autumn rose dead sticking in the trees of the salt river.  Fishing in low water conditions made fishing tough for everyone, some fisherman not getting a bite for three days before the tourney. Atomic Custom Baits Autumn Rose was the reason I finished 14th in this event.  If your not sure about what we have to offer I suggest you take the gamble its well worth the paybacks.

Dante Ray

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